Department of English

Department of English


“Leading a path to the Future”


English Department co-operates harmoniously with other departments to become a standardized Technological University regionally and nationally.


  • To develop students’ basic engineering concepts and knowledge
  • To enhance students’ use of language in scientific and engineering contexts
  • To produce new generations in engineering who can fluently use English language as a tool of international communication
  • To make out text-based learning systematically to get continual learning opportunities

Quality Objectives

  • To make an effort to get customer feedback by 86% in 2019-2020 academic year
  • To make sure that the number of student complaints on teaching is not more than 10 papers within the 2019-2020 academic year

List of Teachers

SrNameDegreePositionEmail Address
1Daw Ei Khin Khin Ent M.A. (Eng:)Associate Professor & HeadEikhinkhinarnt1967@
2Daw Sann Win M.E.S.P(Eng)Deputy Head
& Lecturer
3Daw Khaing Nay Zar Win M.E.S.P(Eng)
4Daw Mya Kyi PyarM.E.S.P(Eng)Lecturermyakyipyar1986@
5Daw Thuzar LwinM.A. (Eng:)Lecturerthuzar
6Daw Han Kyaw Kyaw ThuM.A. (Eng:)Assistant
7Daw Pyae Mon OoM.A. (Eng:)
8Daw Khin Thidar SoeB.A(Eng), Dip (ESP), M2 တက်ရောက်ဆဲ
9Daw Hay Zu MoeB.A(Eng), M2 တက်ရောက်ဆဲ