Department of Civil Engineering

မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာဌာန၏ Vision

 လူမှုပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ကို အကျိုးပြုနိုင်သည့် အရည်အသွေး၊ ဗဟုသုတနှင့်ပြည့်စုံသော ထူးချွန်ထက်မြတ်သည့် မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာများ၊ နည်းပညာရှင်များ၊ ကျွမ်းကျင် လုပ်သားများ မွေးထုတ်ပေးနိုင်ရန်။

မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာဌာန၏ Mission

  1.  အရည်အသွေး မြင့်မားသော၊ အသိပညာ အတတ်ပညာရပ်ပိုင်းဆိုင်ရာ  ကျွမ်းကျင်မှုရှိသော မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာများ၊ နည်းပညာရှင်များမွေးထုတ် ပေးနိုင်ရန်။
  2.  သင်တန်းကာလ (၆)နှစ် ပြီးဆုံးချိန်တွင် လုပ်ငန်းခွင်သို့ တိုက်ရိုက်ဝင်ရောက် လုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်သည်အထိ လက်တွေ့နှင့် သီအိုရီကို အချိတ်အဆက်မိမိ ပိုင်နိုင်ကျွမ်းကျင်သော အင်ဂျင်နီယာပညာရှင်များအဖြစ် မွေးထုတ်ပေးနိုင်ရန်။
  3.  ကျောင်းဆင်းဘွဲ့ရ အင်ဂျင်နီယာများအတွက် အလုပ်အကိုင် အခွင့်အလမ်းများ ဖန်တီးပေးရန်။

Quality Objectives
      မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာဌာနရှိ ဆရာ/ဆရာမများ၏ စာသင်ကြားမှုအပေါ် ကျောင်းသား/သူများ၏ စိတ်ကျေနပ်မှု (Student Satisfaction) သည် (87%) အထက်တွင်ရှိစေရန် ရည်ရွယ်ပါသည်။


Technical Competence - To become the students who are solve the complex engineering problems and can create new technology by using the engineering knowledge in professional lives. Communication/Leadership - Be on a path to assume position of leadership in their field of expertise and in activities that support service and economic development locally, nationally or internationally. Professional Ethics / Life-long learning - To become the students who are enable to take- up career in industries or to pursue higher studies in Civil and inter disciplinary programs with high regard for ethical values, environmental and social issues.
GA 1 -Engineering Knowledge : Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to arrive solutions.
GA 2 - Problem Analysis : Identify, formulate and analyze engineering problems through technical literature.
GA 3 - Design/Development of Solutions: Design a component, a process and a system to meet desired needs considering economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
GA 4- Investigation : Conduct experiment, analyze and interpret data data to arrive valid conclusions.
GA 5- Modern Tool Usage: Use the techniques, skill, and modern engineering tools for modeling and prediction of problems by understanding the limitations.
GA 6- The Engineer and Society: Recognize the importance of health and safety, societal, cultural responsibility in the design and implementation of engineering projects.
GA 7 - Environment and Sustainability: Know and apply societal and environmental context to engineering solutions for sustainable development.
GA 8 - Ethics : Apply the standards and professional ethics in engineering practice.
GA 9- Individual and Team Work : Function effectively as a member or leader of a team.
GA 10 – Communication : Express effectively, comprehend and write reports on the engineering activities.
GA 11- Project Management and Finance : Apply engineering and management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments
GA 12 - Life Long Learning : Engage themselves in life-long learning by recognizing the need and technological changes.
Research Activities of Academic Staffs in 2018-2019 Academic Year
No.NameResearch TitleField
1Dr. Yin Min Han·Risk Assessment in Construction of Highway ProjectTransportation Engineering
·Effectiveness of using Geosynthetic material for improvement of road construction
2Daw Ei Mon Phyu·Comparison on Properties of Burnt Brick and Plastic BrickMaterials
·Study on Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Cement Ceiling Sheet
3Daw Zin Mar Thet·Comparison Study on Seismic Behavior of Multi-storeyed Building with Flab Slab and Conventional R.C Framed SystemStructure
·Comparison of Analysis Results for Flat Plate Multi-storeyed Building with or without Edge Beam or Shear Wall
4Daw Zin Mar Htun·Analysis of Open Ground Storey BuildingStructure
·Analysis of Steel Truss Bridge
5Daw Nwe Nwe Khin·Stabilization on Behavior of Expansive Soil Treated with Quarry DustSoil
·Experimental Research on Stabilization of Expansive Soil by Using Waste Paper Sludge Ash
6Daw Su Hlaing Myint·Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Expansive SoilSoil
7Daw Phyu Lae Win· Design of Water Supply System for TU (Toungoo) HostelWater Resources Engineering
· Comparison of Effluent Water Treatment System Based on Septic Tank and Ejector Pit
8Daw Hnin Nwe Nwe Soe· Analysis of Convenience Minibus Service System for TU (Toungoo) Transportation Engineering
· Study on Accident Preventative Facts for Yangon-Mandalay Expressway
9Daw Phyu Zin Oo· Analysis and Design of Three-Storeyed RC Building with Post-tensioned Slab Structure
· Comparison on Structural Behaviors of Five-Storeyed Steel Building with Restraint and Unrestraint Supports
10Daw Phoo Ei Soe· Arsenic Reduction Method for Groundwater in Shwe In DonWater Resources Engineering
· Design of Drainage System for the Western Area of Yedashe Township
11Daw May Thu Myint· Comparison of Four Storeyed RC Building with and without Floating Column Structure
· Analysis and Design of Six Storeyed R.C Hotel Building with Flat- slab (Drop Panel)
12Daw Zuu Me Me Zin· Design and Estimation of AC PavementTransportation Engineering
13Daw Su Myat Sandi· Design of Combined Sewer System (Nat Shin Naung QuarterWater Resources Engineering
· Design of Disposal System for Organic Waste in Kaytumadi (Mingyiswe Quarter)
14Daw Khin Nyein Chan· Highway Failure and Their MaintenanceTransportation Engineering
· Cost and Benefit Analysis on Min Gyi Nyo Road
Research Plan of Academic Staff in 2019-2020 Academic Year
No.NameResearch TitleFieldRemark
1Dr. Yin Min HanUse of Waste Paper Sludge as a Ceiling Board MaterialMaterial
2Daw Ei Mon PhyuInvestigation on the Properties of Cement Concrete with and without Crumb Rubber TiresMaterial
3Daw Zin Mar ThetStudy on Static Analysis of RC Building with Flat Slab and Flat Plate including Shear Wall EffectStructure
4Daw Zin Mar HtunLoad-carrying Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Adhesively Bonded Steel PlatesStructure
5Daw Nwe Nwe KhinEffect of Compactive Effort on Properties of Cement Stabilized Black Cotton SoilSoil
6Daw Su Hlaing MyintStudy on the Effect of Lime on Cohesive SoilSoil
7Daw Phyu Lae WinWater Treatment ProcessWater Resources Engineering
8Daw Hnin Nwe Nwe SoeParking Management SystemTransportation Engineering
9Daw Phyu Zin OoChecking Crack Width EffectsStructure
Seismic Detailing Design
10Daw Phoo Ei SoeHydrological and Hydraulic Model for Determination of Flood-prone areasWater Resources Engineering
11Daw May Thu MyintSeismic Performance of Multi-storeyed Building under Different Seismic ZonesStructure
12Daw Wai Hnin LwinPetrological Study of the Igneous RockGeology
13Daw Khin Thiri PhyoPetrological Study of the Igneous RockGeology
14Daw Cho Wai Phyo KyawAnalysis of Durability of High Performance Concrete Using Artificial Neural NetworksStructure
15Daw Zuu Me Me ZinAnalysis of Steel Truss Bridge Using SAP 2000 SoftwareStructure
16Daw Su Myat SandiDesign of Erodible Channel and Non-erodible ChannelWater Resources Engineering
17Daw Khin Nyein ChanAnalysis on Traffic Signal Control at IntersectionTransportation Engineering
1Dr.Yin Min HanPh.D CivilProfessorHead
2Daw Zin Mar ThetM.E CivilLecturerDeputy Head
3Daw Zin Mar HtunM.E CivilLecturer
4Daw Cho Cho MyintM.E CivilLecturer
5Daw Nwe Nwe KhinM.E CivilLecturer
6Daw Su Hlaing MyintB.E CivilLecturerAttending M.E 
7Daw Phyu Lai WinB.E CivilLecturerAttending M.E
8Daw Hnin Nwe Nwe SoeB.E CivilLecturerAttending M.E 
9Daw Phyu Zin OoM.E CivilAssistant Lecturer
10Daw Phoo Ei SoeM.E CivilAssistant Lecturer
11Daw May Thu MyintM.E CivilAssistant Lecturer
12Daw Nan Saw Yu AungB.E CivilAssistant LecturerLeave
13Daw KhinThiri PhyoMSc GeolAssistant Lecturer
14Daw Wai Hnin LwinMSc GeolAssistant Lecturer
15Daw Cho Wai Phyo KyawM.E CivilDemonstrator
16Daw Khin Nyein ChanB.E CivilDemonstrator Attending M.E
17Daw Zue Mi Mi ZinB.E CivilDemonstratorAttending M.E
18Daw Su Myat SandiB.E CivilDemonstratorAttending M.E
19Daw Nwe Ni SoeA.G.T.I CivilDemonstratorAttending B.E
20Daw Htet Htet NweA.G.T.I CivilDemonstratorAttending B.E