Our Vision, Mission​ and Quality Objectives

Our Vision

To become an internationally recognized university that nurtures brilliant engineers who apply best practices in engineering  education, research and knowledge and help the community​

Our  Mission

In order to create excellent academic environment for all – around  development of community, Technological University (Toungoo) will  carry out the following actions as its responsibilities.​

  • To train students systematically to become skilled engineers and researchers  who  innovate  well  in  the  community  in accordance with  ethics​
  • To train students in order to emerge brilliant engineers who keep  pace with current leadership qualities and accept the realistic view​
  • To become the active  and alert persons with continual learning in  their respective fields​

Quality Objectives

1. To make an effort to get customer satisfaction by 85% in accordance with the requirements of ISO  9001:2015 and the quality policy of Technological  University (Toungoo).​

2. To attain the level of educational qualification recognized by Myanmar Engineering Council in the academic year of 2020-2021.​

3. To cooperate in order to achieve 50% and over in the job opportunities for the graduate engineers of Technological University (Toungoo).