Background History

Technological University (Taungoo) is Situated at Kaytumadi; the Present Taungoo , in Bago Division .IT Jies 5 Furlongs For From No. 186/7 Mile marked stone in the east . It is surrounded by N0.513, Fartaung Field of an army unit in the east, Abayagamani street (Mahasi Street) in the south, No 13th  Street and Transportation department in the west, Leidawgyi and Katut Chaung in the north. The area of Technological University (Taungoo) is 147.77 areas.                

The following are about the steps of the emergence of  the  Technological University (Taungoo). It was founded as  a Technical High School on 30th June,1982. It was upgraded a Government Technical Institute on 2nd  December , 1985. On 2nd  October ,1999 ,it was also upgraded as a Government Technological College. On 20  December , 2007, it was promoted to be a Technological University and the place where strudents are studying was transferred to this new three-storeyed building on 21st  April, 2008.